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The Macho Factory (Machofabriken) is an educational material for teachers and others that work with young people. It's a tool when working for gender equality and preventing violence. The Macho factory focuses on how opressive social norms and values of masculinity can be challenged - and changed! It is based on 17 short film clips that visualize social constructs of masculinity as a box. The films are followed by excersises and discussions. The programme is intended for mixed-sex groups of adolescents, but can also be used in single-sex groups.

In the process of working with The Macho Factory, the participants reflect on how ideas about gender and sexuality affect their lives and relations. The interactive workshops encourages to try new ways of thinking and acting in relation to others, themselves and society in general. Young people who has participated should feel empowered in their own lifes and also want to create the same possibility for others.

The Macho Factory is a collaboration between The Swedish Association of Unizon (, The National Organisation for Women's and Young Women's Shelters in Sweden ( and Men for Gender Equality (

The Macho Factory was started and developed with support the Swedish Inheritance Fund.

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